Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, cop. 2011
Titre Centre and periphery, roots and exile : interpreting the music of István Anhalt, György Kurtág and Sándor Veress / Friedemann Sallis, Robin Elliott and Kenneth Delong, editors
Responsable(s) secondaire(s)
Sallis, Friedemann : Editeur
Elliott, Robin : Editeur
Delong, Kenneth : Editeur
Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, cop. 2011
Type de document XVIII, 461 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Langue du document Anglais, Français
ISBN 9781554581481
Contenu Istvan Anhalt : a character sketch / John Becjwith ; Kurtag, as I Know him / Gergely Szokolay ; A kind of musical autobiography : reading traces in Sandor Veress's Orbis tonorum / Claudio Veress ; Of the centre, periphery : exile, liberation : home & the self / Istvan Anhalt ; Istvan Anhalts Kingston Triptych / Robin Elliott ; Istvan Anhalt's The Tents of Abraham : where music cannot heal, let it be restored / William Benjamin ; Which displacement ? tracing exile in the Postwar Compositions of Istvan Anhalt and Matyas Seiber / Florian Scheding ; Letters to America / Rachel Beckles Willson ; Roots and routes : travel and translation in Istvan Anhalt's operas / Gordon E. Smith ; Le fonds Istvan Anhalt (MUS 164) à Bibliothèque et Archives Canada : auto-construction du compositeur et rôle du lieu dans son oeuvre / Rachelle Chiasson-Taylor ; Sewing earth to sky : Istvan Anhalt and the pedagogy of transformation / Austin Clarkson ; Gyorgy Kurtag's Jatekok : a voyage into the child's musical mind / Stefano Melis ; Arracher la figure au figuratif : la musique vocale de Gyorgy Kurtag / Alvaro Oviedo ; Dirges and ditties : Gyorgy Kurtags latest settings of poetry by Anna Akhmatova / Julia Galieva-Szokolay ; Interpreting Gyorgy Kurtag and George Crumb : through the looking glass / Dina Lentsner ; Gyorgy Kurtag et Walter Benjamin : considérations sur l'aura dans la musique Jean-Paul Olive ; What presence of the past ? artistic autobiography in Gyorgy Kurtag's music / Ulrich Mosch ; Listening to inner voices : Istvan Anhalts Sonance-Resonance (Welche Tone?) / Alan Gillmor ; Music written from memory in the late work of Istvan Anhalt / Friedemann Sallis ; On doubleness and life in Canada : an interview with Istvan Anhalt
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