Ernest Bloch studies / edited by Alexander Knapp, Norman Solomon

Titre Ernest Bloch studies / edited by Alexander Knapp, Norman Solomon
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Knapp, Alexander : Editeur
Solomon, Norman : Editeur
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016
Type de document LIII, 257 p. : mus. ; 26 cm
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ISBN 9781107039094
Contenu 1. From Geneva to New York : radical changes in Ernest Bloch's view of himself as a Jewish composer during his twenties and thirties / Alexander Knapp ; 2. The 'suffering and greatness' of Ernest Bloch : concepts of the composer as genius / Klára Móricz ; 3. Bloch, Wagner and creativity : refutation and vindication / Malcolm Miller ; 4. Sacred service: the mass Bloch never wrote, the two that Leonard Bernstein did write, and Shulamit Ran's Credo/Ani Ma'Amin / David Schiller ; 5. Oregon years : the man and his music / David Z. Kushner ; 6. 'The future alone will be the judge': Ernest Bloch's epic journeys between Utopia and Dystopia / Philip V. Bohlman ; 7. The reception of Bloch's music in Palestine-Israel to 1948 / Jehoash Hirshberg ; 8. Bloch's reception and his standing in Israel since 1954 / Zecharia Plavin ; 9. A performance history of Bloch's opera Macbeth: Paris 1910-Manhattan 2014 / Stanley Henig ; 10. King Solomon and the Baal Shem Tov : traditional elements in Bloch's musical representation of two iconic personalities from Jewish history / Alexander Knapp ; 11. Postscript : the legacy / Norman Solomon
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